Film Director

Retsu Motoyoshi is an award winning filmmaker based in New York. After graduating college in Japan, he moved to New York to study filmmaking, where he made a number of short films. His short film “the day, the summer” was shown at numerous international film festival, and his first documentary work “the changing tradition” won the Best Short Documentary award at the NY Eurasian Film Festival. His short film “Dirty Clothes” was shown in Cannes Short Film Corner in 2017. Beside films, Retsu has made various short documentaries about political and cultural issues of America in collaboration with Japanese news media.

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House of Desires / ある遊廓の記憶

Photo book

A photobook about an abandoned brothel in Osaka, Japan.


House of Desires / ある遊廓の記憶

It was built in 1929, in the red-light district called Tobita Yukaku, in Osaka. After the full enforcement of the Anti-Prostitution Act of 1958, it continued its sex business under the guise of a restaurant called Masumi. (After 1958 Tobita Yukaku changed its name to Tobita Shinchi; they still provide sex services even now.) After closing its business in the latter half of the 1990’s, it has been left empty. It is dilapidated after being abandoned and exposed to the ravages of time. It can be torn down any moment.